Parker T1 and Falcon 50 Comparison

When Parker introduced the T1 model in 1970, it was radical in a couple of ways. It was made of titanium, which was quite rare at the time. Second, it sported a solid integrated hood and nib piece which tapered gently to the point. To make the pen recognizable from a shirt pocket, Parker placed a ruby red jewel on each end of the pen. But the titanium proved to be difficult to machine, and Parker stopped making the pen after only 1 year of production.

In 1978 and 1979, Parker again revisited the integrated nib concept but this time with traditional materials. This model was called the "50", or Falcon. While you can find the Falcon in various finishes, the stainless Falcon is especially reminiscent of the T1.

T1 on the top, Falcon on the bottom

The Falcon 50 body is slightly longer, with a wide gold band where the hood and barrel meet. The T1 has a thin gold ring instead. The titanium has a darker steel color, not as brilliant as the Falcon.

The Falcon's barrel is brushed stainless. The hood area is frosted stainless, except for around the nib area where it has a glossy chrome finish.

T1 on the top, Falcon on the bottom


The caps and clips are very similar.

T1 on the top, Falcon on the bottom

The T1 hood features a small screw to adjust line width. It also has 3 small bumps positioned around the hood to help hold the cap in place. Note the plastic threads on the T1, which contradicts the titanium reputation.

As mentioned before, the T1 has a brushed finish on the hood while the Falcon hood is frosted.


The cap jewel on the Falcon is disappointing, with small black ring with a metallic sequin in the center.

The T1 cap jewel is ruby red and flat on the end. Looking down into the piece, you can see the Parker arrow/halo logo molded into the jewel.

My Falcon has no barrel jewel, just a sunken spot. I don't know if that's normal or if the jewel has fallen out.

The T1 barrel jewel is the same as it's cap jewel, with the exception that it does not feature the arrow/halo logo inside.